Top 3 Shooting Games for Android Phones and Tablets

The basic usage of a phone is of course to give and attend call; and also to send and receive SMS messages. Well, if we tend to be too much typical about the usage of a cell phone then it is no harm in buying a Nokia 1200 Series cell phone with black and white display, after all, it allows you to hold calls and send messages.
But now let us come to the usage of a smartphone – or in other words, let us make you believe that these phones really are smart and have a vast range of usage. They not only allow you to hold calls and send messages but also allows you to install apps, take snapshots and handle your business. In fact, it is a mini computer which also lets you browse the internet with optimum speed.

Best Shooting Games for Android

Perhaps, the best usage of a smartphone is for entertainment purposes. There are a lot of interesting games out there in the Play Store (assuming Android to be our major concern). These games range from strategy till those ninja skill games. There are also some easy but addictive games such as Temple Run, Subway surfer and angry birds. But today, we are going to enlist the top 3 best professional shooting games for Android. All these games give you the best COD like shooting experience on your Android devices – it is much like playing a professional shooting game on a PS3 or a PX with touch screen controls. Or perhaps, there are also ways to connect a Joy Stick to your Android as well. Anyways, here are these top 3 games.

Modern Combat 3 & 4 – Zero Hour

Mortal Combat 4 Zero Hour

Modern Combat 3 is the first one we have. It is much like its PS2 and PC version with a full fledge story mode and different types of game plays. The story mode starts from LA and ends at Pakistan. There are also multiplayer matches with a wide range of maps. Recently the Mortal Combat 4 – Zero Hour has come out, and with the brilliance of graphics, it looks totally awesome for gamers with good screen size. These are paid games but are worth paying for.

Purchase and Download on Play Store: Link for 3, Link for 4 – Zero Hour

ShadowGun: Deadzone

ShadowGun Deadzone

ShadowGun is one of my personal favorites when it comes to Android shooting games. The graphic detail is also really good and the gameplay is really good. There are two versions of this game. One of them has a story mode and one of them is a server based online game. It holds online matches with other users based upon your level. There is a wide range of weapons and battle equipments as well. It’s a free game to download and play.

Download ShadowGun: Deadzone on Play Store: Link

Mass Effect Infiltrator

Mass Effect Infiltrator

The last one we have here is Mass Effect Infiltrator. It is yet another story mode shooting game with extra ordinary graphics and gaming experience. The controls are a bit complicated but one gets used to them soon. The game is a paid one, with Indian play store showing the price of around Rs. 400, and for US its $6.99, but its worth every penny.

Purchase the game from Play Store: Link

Well that is almost it with the list. All these games are somewhat must have shooting games for Android. However, before installing them, make sure that your device supports the game quite efficiently. All these games are really heavy and might not work properly on a few devices.

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