The Top 5 Free Finance Android Apps for Finance Management & Stock Market Updates

Finance Apps AndroidSmartphone users like me are always interested in new updates and apps if working as a share market person. Every second there is too much volatility and new vital updates available so that one can maximize his profit. I find many people sitting before PCs and laptops with lots of frustration of incapable of going out somewhere in urgency.

To counter these hassles several free of cost finance apps are available in the market to provide assistance. Here I am briefing about these apps so that you can make your work a little easier.

Moneycontrol Market Android App

In market the key to success lies in being updated to all the little and big issues. Being a marketing person, one would like to have all the knowledge of all assets, shares, stocks and other before anyone or as quickly as possible to make amendments to my strategies and improving my profit chances. Moneycontrol Market app is something which I found pretty useful to keep the track of the investment record and to provide me all the information about the market. It keeps me updated about all the indices, new trends, news and all which is required to make the correct decisions.

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Though, one thing which you may don’t like about this is that it uses all your contacts without your permission, so if you are concerned about this then do not go for it. There’s even Live TV being streamed from within the app, where the channels CNBC-TV18 and the CNBC-AWAAZ are being played all the time, and it’s quite a fast stream which can easily run on even the 2G networks.

Stock Watch Android App

Say hello to the market with this mind blowing app. I’m totally amazed after using this app because of the functionality and simplicity of this vital information option enriched app. Whether I want BSE/NSE updates or in need of some tips to change my tactics, this app gives the unmatchable experience of how fast and updated I am. The current day makers are updated live, and the users can prefer to make a watchlist and keep a check of the particular companies and their exchange rates.

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Keeping the track of stock charts, companies’ description, asset values, stock quotes and many more facility this app provide me and with no extra personal details. I find the analyst corner of this app much appreciated because of the recommendations and info it provides about a particular share is truly magnificent. Online help at the time on any issue you are before to be also one of the acclaimed things in this app, so just go for that without any worry. The app is well known to provide the list of the top gainers and losers in the industry, and that is all sorted based on the BSE, NSE and the Global shares. The market news looked quite similar to what we saw in the MoneyControl Market app, thus any one app can be chosen in the end.

LICMobile Android App

In today’s world insurance is something I found having major importance in every once life. Many of us have taken insurance to stay covered in all kinds of jeopardy. LIC is as we all know is very superior and senior in this niche. It is almost very hectic for us to stay updated about all the offers, policies and advantages we could get from our cover. So LICMobile is there for you to get all the desires completed. This app helps me to stay tuned and known about my premiums, products, details and extra features which I’m able to access under my cover.

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Some of the extra features of the LICMobile app include paying your premium from directly within the app, but that requires some good details about you and the premium so that there is no problem after the payment is made. The app would ask you for the Policy no., Premium, Date of Birth, Mobile No. and the Email ID before you proceed with the premium payment. There are several mobile services made available too.

Expense Manager Android App

I find it quite difficult sometimes to balance between my income and expenses. This irresponsibility is capable enough of creating havoc in any one’s life. Now, to encounter this problem of many among us an app Expense Manager is there to support us. Expense Manger is capable of doing most of the tasks I often forget like reminders of payments, making a budget on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, searching best options for saving my money, reporting every issue which could cause me loss and last but not the least creating backup of all my data and denying of anyone’s access excepts me.

Expense Manager Android App Balance Expense Manager Android App Expense Manager Android App Payments

I also find this app useful in making charts and doing the calculation depending on my earning, so it helps me a lot to keep the track of my money and saving it. I prefer to use this app for all those who don’t want to waste their hard earned money just because of some silly unintentional mistakes.

Mobile Banking Apps for Android Phone

In this fast running world nobody has time to either wait for his cause or for others sake. So to keep the life simple and to make feel free of all unnecessary wastage of time many leading banks like HDFC, ICICI, Axis, SBI and other have launched their android applications. I can use these apps for any kind of online payments like water bills, electricity bills, shopping bills and many premium payments also. Using these apps will also give me the track of my bank account when needed which will surely save much important time of mine.

One of the best banking apps, especially good for those having a bank account in it, is the ICICI iMobile app which does a lot of stuff, even making itself one of the best ways to recharge the mobile and send payments to anyone.

ICICI Mobile Banking App

One could check the Account balance, the latest 5 transactions, transfer funds, request for a new cheque book and even check the details of a cheque they sent. It isn’t limited to just the savings account, but also has options for the Credit Card, mobile shopping, bill payment etc.

So I suggest you to use these apps if you want to get rid of the useless time wasting payment methods and they are very much secure as well so you don’t have to worry about your money at all.

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