How to transfer data from an old iPhone 4 to new iPhone 4

Many times we have been thinking about changing your Network provider feeling that the features given by the other provider are better suited to our needs that the one’s which we are using. That is when the need to transfer the Data you have on your iPhone 4 to a new iPhone 4 arises.
If you have already exchanged your iPhone with a new one in your Apple iStore then you will be aware of this process because you would have already done this to transfer you data from your old iPhone to your new exchanged one.

This process will be useful to save:

  • Contacts
  • Camera roll photos
  • Apps
  • Messages
  • Notes
  • Settings into an iTunes backup for you.

Precautions to be taken before you do this process:

  • You should have both your iPhone’s Old one and New one with you at the same time.
  • Make sure that you have all your stuff transferred to your phone from your desired laptop before you start this process

Steps to Transfer Data from your Old iPhone to New iPhone:

  1. Connect your Old iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC through iTunes
  2. Then you will see that your iPhone will be detected on your iTunes window now you have to click on your iPhone name and you will see that your iPhone page in iTunes
  3. Next you have to Sync your iPhone with iTunes, mostly the Sync process will start automatically. If the Sync is not started automatically then you should Sync your iPhone by pressing the Sync button seen on the Lower Left of your Page.
  4. After Syncing your iPhone to your iTunes you should Back Up your iPhone.
  5. To Back Up your iPhone you should Right click on your iPhone name seen in the Left side panel.
  6. This will show a drop down box with various options namely “Eject, Sync, Transfer Purchases, Back Up, Restore
  7. From Back Up and Reset Settings “
  8. Out Of these Options you should be selecting “Back Up”
  9. This will Back Up your iPhone data to your Computer and iTunes
  10. After the Back Up is complete you should Disconnect your old iPhone from the computer and connect your new iPhone in the same place.
  11. After connecting you will be seeing a message asking you to Register your New iPhone and also telling you to Either Set Up a new iPhone or to “Restore From Back Up”
  12. You have to select “Restore From Back Up” and you have to restore your iPhone to the Back Up which you have done recently to your Old iPhone
  13. This will back up your iPhone and transfer all the data which you had on your earlier iPhone to your new iPhone
    Once the restore process is done your iPhone will reboot.
  14. And when iTunes detects it again it will start to sync back any apps and games your old iPhone had installed.
    It might take some time to do all that has to be done by iTunes so its better you don’t do anything with your iPhone till the whole process is complete.

With this process you can easily transfer your data from your Old iPhone to your new iPhone.

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