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When its an iPod, everyone would get the iTunes software in their mind which talks of syncing, and many other rules for the usage that Apple has made. But there are many other 3rd party apps that can help people in using the iPod better and transferring data from the iPod without the usage of iTunes.

iDump is one of the softwares for Windows OS which can help in transferring the songs from an iPod to your computer, and make a backup if anytime you lose your iPod or it gets corrupted. You can at least have a copy of all of your favorite songs that you had in your iPod.

To use iDump, install it and then connect your iPod. The software will recognize all the songs and then you can select the songs which you want to transfer, select a destination folder for the transfer and go forward with the transfer process.

idump tool

You can search through the songs, select the playlists and songs within them, export entire playlist in .m3u format.
The iDump tool is available for Win2k, XP, Me, Vista and works with iPod Shuffle, Nano and all other iPods except the latest iPod Touch and the iPhone 3G which have a bit different firmware.

You can download iDump from here.

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  1. Would this software work when am not using iTunes? and hope this doesn’t want the syncing of the iPod with the computer albums.

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