[How to] Turn On / Off the Beeping Sound Notifications on Facebook

One of my readers mailed me with a question about Facebook notification sounds:
Hey Chetan, recently i didn’t do anything from my side but suddenly Facebook gives some beep sound notifications for any posts or comments, and it really is annoying. can you guide, how do i remove them??

Facebook too makes sounds, and produce thin notification tones just like the Gmail and other messenger apps do, but this one is pleasant to hear. Still there are many who won’t like a sound notification at all. The option is pretty good when you have multiple tabs running on your browser, and don’t want to keep the Facebook tab on front always, but wouldn’t mind Facebook let you know about any notification through a pop notification. For those who think against, following is the guide showing you how to turn the sound notification off:

Open Facebook, and in that go to the top right side where the wrench icon for settings is available. Clicking on that would open a dropdown list, with the links to the various settings for your profile. Click on the Account Settings.

Facebook Settings Tab

In the Account Settings page, there’s a left column having the various sections of settings. To setup the sound notifications, click on “Notifications” tab, or as of now the link to go directly to that settings page, click here. Mind you, the link can change anytime so better go by the steps given.

Select Notifications Settings

Under the Notification settings, the first would be the settings for “How You Get Notifications”. In that, the first option “On Facebook” has the option for toggling the sound notification. Click on that and you see the following message:
You’ll see every notification on Facebook, but you can turn off notifications about specific posts as you view them.
Just below to that is an option to check/uncheck the “Play a sound when each new notification is received” setting. If you already have this option turned on and do not want the Facebook sound notifications, just uncheck and click on “Save Changes”.

Facebook Sound Notification Settings

The tutorial is quite easy to follow and doesn’t require much of a knowledge, but for many it is still hard to search for an option to turn off the annoying sounds that Facebook makes, just like one of our readers found it hard to turn it off. Do mail us / contact if you wanted any help or any tutorial.

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