Tweet from Safari browser – Safari140

Tweeting from some twitter client or website is the normal way people do to update their status, and Firefox has quite few good add-ons to use and tweet in their own way, but Safari browser is limited to a very few good ones, one of them is Safari140 plugin.(This is developed by same team who made Newsfire)

Safari140 is a plugin for Safari Browser which helps you post to twitter right from the browser and its the easiest way to post links that you are reading and want to share with your followers on twitter.

Here are a few features of the Safari140 plugin for Safari browser –

  • Opens only when you want to tweet. Does not help you read tweets!
  • You can tweet about the website you are reading – Title automatically drops in!
  • The URL of website automatically gets shortened(shortener
  • Tweets instantly without reloading the page

While on a page, just go to options and click on “Post to twitter” or use the keyboard shortcut ^ + T and the pop-up box appears for the first time to enter the credentials, and then you can tweet.

post to twitter safari140

safari140 post credentials

Download the Safari140 twitter plugin for Safari browser from here. [Alternate download link]

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