Twitter Limits: Count of Tweets, DMs, Follows and API Limited Per Day / Hour

Twitter has got hourly and daily limits of a few most basic stuffs on the website, and this is all good for two sides – the servers of the website where the downtime is reduced, and on the other hand, a social network with less spam. You won”t do any good thing when you are following thousands of people as soon as you join Twitter. According to Twitter, this is the reason why one would have the limits on the microblogging site:
Limits alleviate some of the strain on the behind-the-scenes part of Twitter and reduce downtime and error pages.

Direct Messages daily limit:
A user can send a maximum of 250 direct messages per day, and after that would have to wait till 24 hours for the service to be running for them again.

Daily Tweet limit:
1000 Tweets per day are allowed, and this doesn”t mean you can tweet a couple hundred in an hour and again sit back and post after 5 hours. The maximum 1000 tweets are divided into semi-hourly divisions, and this brings the equation to – 21 Tweets every 30 minutes. This includes the tweets and retweets too.

Twitter Limits

Change in Account Email limit:
The change in the account email can be done a maximum of 4 times in an hour.

Following Limit:
Twitter has set an account-based limit, and a daily limit for the following count for every user. The daily limit of following is 1000 per day, while the account specific count is 2000 follows for an account which has got lesser than 2000 followers.
Twitter has set some standard rules for the following / following back where they allow only the Auto-follow-back through any tool where a user who has got a follower would be able to automatically follow back that follower using any tool. But there is a strict restriction on the Auto un-following as that online casino would just be unethical and won”t look any good when you gain followers and follow them back, later unfollow all of them on a single mouse click.

API Limit using 3rd party accounts:
If a user is using any 3rd party accounts to access Twitter and get more things done from their account, the API limit could reach faster than normal. In general, the maximum number of API requests a twitter client can make per hour is limited to 350 API requests. This could pose a problem in offices where several users might be using the same IP address to browse twitter and thus the number of API requests would be high.

Twitter says: “For locations where many people share the same IP address (e.g., corporations and conferences), our rate limits may be too strict.”

Twitter Rate Limited

What to do to overcome the limitation?

These limits are all time based, thus the hourly limits could go after an hour where you can check back after an hour to see the site working normally again. Do not try to keep checking as soon as you see that the limit has been reached.
If you feel you haven”t used the Internet much but still are getting the limit message it”s better to contact the Twitter support team.

Check the following guides for learning more on how to use twitter better:


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