How to Unhide / Hide the Library Folder in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

mac os x lion logoThe Mac OS X Lion 10.7 version has come with a few noticeable changes from the previous versions of the Mac OS X, and one of them being the hiding of a few folders that we always need but Apple thinks we are smart enough to go find the stuff. The library folder in the Mac OS X has most of the stuff about the various applications etc. It is one of the folders which we often browse to find the application files, to make the internal important changes to the apps.
Apple has hidden that folder, to prevent users from deleting any important app files that may corrupt it. Only those advanced users who have a knowledge of making changes in the Library folder, can try to unhide the folder and use it.

By default, the Mac OS X Lion has the Library folder hidden and here is a simple trick on how you can unhide it to show in the list of folders in the hard drive. The folders and files that are hidden by Apple are marked as flagged, so you need to use the flag command in the terminal app.

How to use Terminal App and Unhide Library Folder

Open the from the list of Utilities in the Application folder (we explained earlier how you can view hidden folders in Mac OS X), and then enter the following command –

chflags nohidden /Users//Library

library mac os x lion

Pasting this command and hitting Enter would unhide the Library folder and it would be visible in the list of folders in the hard drive. Apple and all the developers always warn the users about the usage of Library folder, as it can cause problems to the applications you are using, if the files are modified. So, once you have used the Library folder and want to hide it again, enter the following command in the Terminal app –

chflags hidden ~/Library

A pretty easy tutorial, which is used to hide or unhide any folder in the hard drive, and not just the Library folder.

An easier trick

Just press and hold the Alt/Option key, and while doing that you can choose to “Go to Library” from the “Go” menu in the finder menu on the top. This is the easiest way, but it helps reach the Library folder for once. For keeping the Library folder available for always, use the Terminal trick said above.

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