Unlock Apple iPhone 3G – Successful Tutorial

CrunchGear had mentioned about the new tool Yellowsn0w which helps in unlocking an iPhone 3G for any network all across the globe. This tool was developed by the iPhone Dev Team and seemed to work fine for some people and many had complains about it, from a small error to some permanent unlock disabilities. I still got an experimental iPhone(was a real phone but was a good experiment for me ;)) which belonged to my friend, and he wanted to get it unlocked. I assured him that i would do it, as i wanted to test this tool, and the dev team game me more confidence by telling that if the unlock isn’t successful, it won’t affect your iPhone. The phone would be as it was before.

Then i started the unlocking with QuickPWN iPhone 2.2 jailbreak. QuickPWN is the tool that Jailbreaks your iPhone. You can download the QuickPWN for Windows from here or QuickPWN for mac from here.
A small note: Doing the entire process on mac is a better option, as Apple always easily works with some apple tool or product.
Once you connect your device, the tool will automatically recognize it or else you do it manually. This tutorial is for iPhone 3G, so stick to it.

iphone quickpwn connect

You need to use the latest 2.2 version firmware to pwn your iPhone. Download that firmware from here. This update can allow you to install the Cydia which helps to run Yellowsn0w after the Jailbreaking is done. If you had already upgraded your phone very recently, to the 2.2 version, then there is no need for an update. Still, if you wish, the QuickPWN tool can download and install the firmware from its interface itself.

building ipsw iphone

The IPSW is built, and then the rebuilding with sending of data from your computer is done. The firmware sending is finished, and you get this confirmation. The QuickPWN tool will need you to follow a few steps that it explains. And everything goes fine if you do it correctly. This ends Jailbreaking of your mobile phone.

iphone sending firmware data
iphone sending kernel cache

Phone reboots by itself –

quickpwn modify device

Before the reboot itself, the Success window would make you guarantee that the jailbreaking is done. You should see this image as below –
jailbreak success

After this, you need to install Cydia through the installer, and Cydia would then appear in the list of apps in the iPhone. In Cydia, you need to add the source for yellowsn0w, to download the latest version of the tool.

  • Go to Cydia app.
  • On the home screen of Cydia, go to “Manage” in the bottom bar, and go the “Sources” section.
  • Click Edit.
  • Click on Add in the top left corner.
  • A small address box opens. Enter the Cydia/APT URL = http://apt.yellowsn0w.com

add cydia yellowsn0w url

  • Then click on the added URL and you would be taken to the download page of Yellowsn0w.
  • These couple images would help you understand the pages.

yellowsn0w page
installing yellowsn0w

Now once you have installed yellowsn0w, you will be asked to restart Cydia, and that’s the green signal for successful installation of yellowsn0w to your iPhone.
Follow these instructions which are not given anywhere, and i have tried them and found them successfully unlocking the iPhone –

  • After yellowsn0w is installed, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
  • This will clear everything related to your present network.
  • Now, switch off the phone, and insert the SIM of network you want and switch on the phone.
  • Wait for a couple of minutes, and then remove the SIM, insert it back.
  • I got a message “SIM INVALID” but still waited for a couple of minutes and turned the Airplane Mode in settings On and Off. Then wait for a minute.
  • You would see the network automatically getting detected and signals being received. I tried doing this with Airtel in India and could make calls the next moment i saw the name in the top left of the phone.

* If you are in U.S., switch off your 3G settings and then do the SIM registration process.

And here is the proof of unlocked iPhone with Airtel Network calling myself –
unlock airtel iphone proof

Thanks to QuickPWN, Apple Dev guys for yellowsn0w which helped in unlocking the iPhone 3G pretty easily which i thought was impossible for me before i started it.
I can assist you if you are in the same process, just follow me @ twitter – sizzler_chetan or contact me! Subscribe to get more tips.
For everyone who are not able to do it, here is an advice. Better upgrade your firmware to 3.0 version which the latest one released by Apple and then you will have an option to unlock the phone using ultrasn0w.

If you are not sure how to do that, here is how to upgrade to 3.0 firmware of Apple.
Also if you are using a 2G phone, here is how to unlock iPhone 2G.


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