Tutorial: How to unlock iPhone 3G with 3.0 Firmware – redsn0w & ultrasn0w

iphone unlockAfter the successful unlock of the iPhone 3G with 2.1 firmware months back, now after the release of 3.0 firmware from Apple, i unlocked the iPhone 3G with 3.0 firmware using 2 tools released by the iPhone Dev Team. They are redsn0w and ultrasn0w.

I first tried to jailbreak the iPhone 3G with Pwnagetool but it did not take me correctly into the DFU mode, and gave problems but the redsn0w tool for mac was just awesome. Worked for me easily and jailbroke the phone in just a few minutes.
Here is how –

Download redsn0w for Mac here.
Download redsn0w for Windows here.
Install redsn0w and open the application. Then you would be taken through many steps where the first is to download iphone 3.0 firmware(not through iTunes) from alternative links and locate the firmware file to start the jailbreak process.
Then it goes through several processes like processing and identifying the firmware, installing it, patching kernels. Then you need to enter the DFU mode by –

  • Switching off the iPhone 3G
  • Holding the Power and Home key for 10 seconds together
  • Release the Power button and keep holding the Home button until the next step starts automatically

redsn0w browse firmware

redsn0w processing firmware

redsn0w identifies firmware 3.0

redsn0w patching kernel

You then need to select which app, either Cydia or Icy to install for 3rd party apps in the iPhone. Better select Cydia as its easy to use and in the tutorial below i have included steps on how to install Ultrasn0w through Cydia.
After this, the jailbreaking process is done with a few processes in the iPhone finish. Then you need to unlock the iPhone for all the networks, which can be done through the installed Cydia or Icy app.

redsn0w install cydia icy

redsn0w switch off iphone

redsn0w iPhone DFU mode

redsn0w iphone reboot

redsn0w iPhone Jailbroken

Unlocking the iPhone 3G
After the phone restarts, open the Cydia app and wait till it loads completely, should take a minute for everything to load.
Then go to Manage tab > Sources > and then add the following source by hitting “Edit” –
(This is the repo URL that helps you download and install the Ultrasn0w unlock tool in your phone)

Open that package, and you would see the Ultrasn0w tool package with the details. Download and install it.
Here are a few steps that would occur in the iPhone 3G as you see in the screenshots –

ultrasn0w 3.0 unlock details

ultrasn0w install confirm

iPhone 3.0 ultrasn0w download

iphone ultrasn0w installed

Then, follow these steps as i did in my iPhone 3G to unlock it. You too do the same –
After installing the Ultrasn0w, restart the iPhone. Then go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings and the phone restarts.
Then go to Airplane mode, switch it on and off once. Then go to the main screen and wait for a couple of minutes and the signals would appear with your network name on the right to it.
This is the proof for the unlocked iPhone 3G with 3.0 firmware.

iphone 3g unlocked

The unlock process was done in the same way as shown in the screenshots, and was done with a Mac OS X 10.5.7 using iPhone 3G and firmware 3.0. Unlock the phone with your own risk and do post any questions in comments. I will soon post a tutorial on how to jailbreak the 3.0 firmware with Pwnagetool if it lets me do that perfectly. And i have not unlocked an iPhone till today using a Windows computer, so not sure if the same tricks apply or not.


  1. Thank You! I had it jail broken and just got my Tmobile card. The last step (reseting network settings) allowed me to get edge on my phone.

  2. how long should it display the “Waiting for reboot screen”? Nothing happening…

  3. hey i’ve been wanting to try jail break and i hate to say that i’m new at this. i’ve tried following all the directions and all and its fine just the only problem i have is when i get to the browsing part on redsn0w. i downloaded the 3.0 firmware but i can’t seem to access it through the redsn0w browsing thing. i don’t know, what am i missing? i extracted all the files for the firmware yet nothing shows on when i click browse on redsn0w. can anyone tell me what i am missing?

  4. If you are using Safari, you need to go to your preferences and unclick the “Open Safe” files mode so that safari WILL NOT unzip the file. Then modify the ZIP file name by taking the .zip off. When you do this the computer will ask if you want to rename the extension of the file to .IPSW, say YES and then you can read the firmware file through redsn0w….. I just unlocked my 3G using this exact process and it worked great. Good Luck

  5. PERFECT! awesome. this is great. thaaaaankyou!

  6. your tut was the most complete I have seen. Your attention to detail and screen captures made the process a snap.Thanks for all your hard work

  7. I serached for I-Phone unlocking details finally i got hre thanks for the Information nice..

  8. how long should it display the “Waiting for reboot screen”? I have been waiting for a while and nothing happen

  9. i tried it bt it still won’t do anythin on my iphone…tried the ultrasn0w n folowed the instrustions to the letter bt nothin seems to b happening…any way i can unlock my phone to be able to call and recieve?….PLS HELP!!!

  10. How do I figure out which firmware I have? On my locked 3G I just see a figure of a usb cable pointing to iTunes.

  11. ok so i followed all the stept i got in jailbroken and its supossed to be unlock but when i reset all network settings i go to the main screen i wait for the network to come up and just says searching…nothing would happen what do i do now?

  12. I bought iphone from Airtel I got GPRS connection is it enough to jailbreak, please answer

  13. omg soooooooo helpful. most in detail ever. pics help alot too. worked perfect first time!!!

  14. I have had some problems to say the least when it came down to jailbreaking and unlocking the iphone 3G on 3.0.1. Now as many have had the issue of I could not connect to WiFi after jailbreaking so I can unlock in the end I found patience is everything. Turn off your phone put it somewhere cold and leave it for a few hours. Then turn on toggle wifi on and off a few times if it still gives you problems keep toggling the wifi button and also reset your network settings. After that you should be able to work quick and download repo before it tells you unable to connect 3days to figure out it just requires patience

  15. Thanks for the tips, I will try this.

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