[How-to] Update Apple iPad Mini / iPad Any Generation to iOS 6.1 Version & Download iOS 6.1 IPSW Files

Apple iOS 6.1 was sent over to the devices a couple days back, and one can directly update their devices to the latest iOS versions from the software update section. We’ve got the iPad Mini and updated it from 6.0.2 version to the 6.1 version of iOS and there were a few changes made, and this was not a major update from Apple as it fixed a few bugs and added a couple more features, like asking for the logins while you use the iMessage and FaceTime apps.

There are a few bug fixes and additions to the features of the previous OS version done to bring out the iOS 6.1, and for the iPad Mini here are the changes:
– LTE support for more carriers for the iPad and iPad Mini which now includes support from several carriers. Check the entire list here.
– Purchase movie tickets through the Fandango app and Siri for US customers.
– iTunes Match subscribers can download individual songs now from the iCloud server
– New button available to reset the Advertising Identifier

Apart from the above, there are quite a few other changes too made which would be noticed by the users while navigating through the various apps and the interface. So, to update the iPad Mini or any iPad from Apple you need to go to the Settings App, and there go to “General” section where the option would be available for the Software Update, and you will need to have the Wi-Fi or the Data network connection turned on for the software update to be checked.

There would be an update available, and you need to hit “Download & Install” so that the downloading starts, and it is around 83MB in size. Once you accept the terms and conditions, you will be prompted to have the device connected to the charger for the downloading and installing to start. You may hit continue if the charge is more than 50% because the iPad Mini won’t waste more than 10% of the charge for the entire process.

Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 2 Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 3

Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 4 Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 5

Once the download happens, the iPad Mini verifies it and then would continue with the installation process of the iOS 6.1 version, and this would still need the internet connection to be active.

Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 8 Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 9

Once the installation is finished, the iPad Mini restarts and the installation completes and you would be guided through the first-time run-through process as if a new iPad Mini is purchased. Go through all the steps and you will be seeing the new version in the About section, and the Software Update section.

Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 12 Apple iPad Mini iOS 6.1 Update 13

For the developers who wanted to play around with the installation file of the iOS 6.1, they can download iOS 6.1 IPSW files directly for any device, and we have covered a guide on how to jailbreak iOS 6.1 on iPod Touch 4th gen and the Apple iPhone 4 and 3GS, whose Tethered jailbreak is possible as of now.


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