Update iPhone 3G firmware to iPhone 3.0 firmware – Tutorial

iphone 3.0Apple iPhone 3G S has directly come in with the iPhone 3.0 firmware and the previous iPhone, the iPhone 3G can also have the new firmware through iTunes or through 3.0 OS direct download links alternatively if you see any problems with the iTunes download. Alternate link for iPhone 3.0 Direct Download for iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3G for most is with 2.2.1 firmware, so the update to 3.0 would be great as its coming in with very cool features like spotlight, cut/copy/paste, voice memo and many other great features which are worth checking and that makes one motivate to update their iPhone firmware.

Here is a photo tutorial of how to upgrade the iPhone 3G firmware to the latest one –

Connect your iPhone 3G to your mac or computer, and you will see iTunes opened prompting you to upgrade the iPhone firmware to the latest version. Confirm that and it will ask you if you want to continue with the software update. Click on Update.

iphone 3.0 update

Agree to the terms and conditions, and also read if you wish, the latest changes that you are going to find with the new firmware 3.0 that are listed on the terms page.

iphone update terms

Once you agree to the terms and confirm the things, the download will start and will appear in the iTunes window under downloads section. Many users complained that the download stopped in middle, as iTunes could not connect to the server. The reason was probably due to the high demand of downloads for the first few days after the release. You can alternatively download iPhone 3.0 firmware.

iphone firmware download

Once the download finishes, open the downloaded file from iTunes and the extraction of the software starts instantly.

iphone extracting software

After the software is extracted, the iPhone 3G is prepared for the software update.

iphone prepare update

Settings from the iPhone also would be needed for the upgrade to happen. So iTunes would have to wait for sometime till everyting is set for iPhone.

iphone update waiting

All the data from the iPhone including the contacts, apps, songs, movies, photos etc. are backed up so that they can be restored back after the software update is finished.

iphone software backup

After the iPhone is backed up, the actual update of the firmware to 3.0 starts.

updating iphone software

When the iPhone software is updated, iTunes verifies the new version with the server and confirms that the update is done successfully.

iphone verifying updated software

Once the update is done and verified, the iPhone automatically restarts and you would then see the new firmware active in the iPhone.

iphone software update complete

This is what you would see in the iTunes page when the software is upgraded. The software version changed to 3.0

iphone update complete status


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