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When you are going to share any file on the internet, through a free file hosting site, its better to upload to a few sites rather than one, as most of the file upload services don’t allow unlimited downloads and the person trying to download can face problems during download.

And when trying to upload to multiple hosting sites, you might be eating away your own bandwidth, so InterUpload is a site that helps you with that. A single site where you can select multiple hosts to upload the file to, at a single go. After the upload is done, you will be directed to a page where you get the download links for all the hosting sites which you selected.
This also helps your readers avoid being forced to buy premium accounts to download files from the hosting sites.
Upload 3 files at a time, and the limit is to 200 MB for most of the files, which isn’t less when you talk about free hosting websites. The download links expire in 90 days, if it didn’t get a single download during that period.
The only thing you need to do is to share the interupload download links rather than download links, though that’s not a compulsion. When uploading larger files, you will be notified through email when the file upload is complete.

Here is the list of all file upload services where you can selectively upload the file to share –

  • RapidShare – Max. 200 MB
  • MegaUpload – Max. 300 MB
  • DepositFiles – Max. 300 MB
  • HotFile – Max. 300 MB
  • EasyShare – Max. 200 MB
  • TwoShared – Max. 100 MB
  • Ziddu – Max. 200 MB
  • MediaFire – Max. 200 MB
  • ZShare – Max. 300 MB
  • iFileIt – Max. 300 MB
  • SendSpace – Max. 300 MB
  • FileFactory – Max. 300 MB
  • MegaShare – Max. 150 MB
  • Badongo – Max. 100 MB
  • NetLoad – Max. 300 MB
  • ZippyShare – Max. 100 MB
  • FreakShare – Max. 300 MB
  • SharebaseTo – Max. 200 MB
  • UploadedTo – Max. 250 MB
  • StorageTo – Max. 300 MB
  • Uploading – Max. 300 MB
  • FileFront – Max. 300 MB
  • UploadBox – Max. 200 MB

Check the multiple file upload service at InterUpload.com


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