How to Upload your Photo from iPhone into Facebook

Facebook and iPhone are the symbols of this era”s technology boom and have become the latest means of being in touch with one another and sharing each others life while on the go.

iPhone is at the top in the smart phone fight and the users are inclined more towards the use of Social networking site more often. So Facebook has its own iPhone App which can be downloaded in the App store.

Download the free Facebook iPhone App in iTunes App Store: Facebook App

Steps to upload a photo from iPhone into Facebook:

  1. Install the Facebook App in your iPhone.
  2. Now launch the App and Login into your account by typing your username and Password.
  3. Then you be directed to your home screen. Now select “News Feed”
  4. Which will lead to the page where you can see the stuff you friends have been up to. On this page you will be seeing 3 options at the top of your screen “Photo” “Status” and “Check in”
  5. Select Photo, which will give out 3 options at the bottom of your page: Take Photo or Video, Choose from library and Cancel.
  6. Select either of the one which you intend to do, if you online casino have the image saved in your camera roll you can select it from it or if you want to take a new picture you can also do that and upload it directly at the spot.
  7. After selecting the option your camera will switch on and you can take a Picture or Video.
  8. After you have captured your Photo you will be asked weather you want to Use this image or you might want to Retake it.
  9. After you have selected Use, you will be asked to add a Caption to your image. And you can also see the Upload button beside it. Adding a Caption or not is Optional.
  10. After Selecting Upload you image will be directly uploaded onto your wall and will be visible to all your friends in your list.

Uploading in Facebook using the Official app is a very easy process.

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