How to Upload and Share Videos Instantly without Login, Anonymously with

Having trouble always with video sharing? if you feel Youtube asks for your efforts in uploading a video because of the account and channel registration, and leaves you with no option to keep a video share anonymous, there is a new service which would help – It is the simplest way to publish and share videos. It’s the first video sharing app to let you upload videos without having to create an account. There you go, quite some anonymity, right?

It is a pretty simple website, where once you upload the video, it would generate a short URL which you can use and share with your friends anywhere. The video player is pretty large and you get all the social sharing options along with the comment box to share the views. Video Sharing service

As you see, there is a direct drop box where you can drop the video file, or any GIF file which would be converted to a video.

Vidd me homepage

The video would get uploaded instantly, after you enter the video details – Title and description. Nothing else is asked except these details.

Vidd me Uploading video

The video player has all the standard options – Play / pause, Volume toggle and the button to enter or exit the fullscreen mode. There are no keyboard shortcuts though. There’s a direct link to the Top videos section which would show the best viewed videos on the website. The good thing is that you would be able to preview the video by just hovering the mouse over the video icon.

Vidd me video playing

Below the video, the only information provided is – Video title and description, number of views and the date of publishing the video. Apart from these, there are social sharing options and also the Disqus comments section if you wanted to share your views about the video.

Vidd me video social

Embedding the video on your website – This is possible, where you get the link to code to embed the video just below the video itself, and here is an example video that we embedded here to show how it looks like.

Managing videos on

Managing the videos here means – Editing the options and deleting the video. But for this, you will have to create an account. Although it’s optional, you will have the managing options only if you have an account there.

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About The service is one of three projects created by Bit Kitchen, a product lab founded by Alex Benzer, previously founder and CEO at L.A.-based SocialEngine, and Warren Shaeffer, previously COO at SocialEngine, alongside two of SocialEngine’s top engineers.

As said by Alex Benzer about the financing: “We’ve received some offers already, and we’re considering them more so for the network value, and less for the financial value,” he says. “We’re definitely talking about it right now.”

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