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Lately we have heard the news that the most popular RSS Reader, the Google Reader is going dead very soon. There are several apps for the different operating systems, which would do the same job and most of them do it in a better way. One of the best for the Mac OS X users is the Vienna RSS app, while we had mentioned a few others like the NewsFire RSS Reader, the Greatnews for Windows but most of them had the integration from the Google Reader. The Vienna RSS Reader for Mac is an open-source reader for the RSS and ATOM feeds, which comes with a very simple and smooth interface and having features similar to the various newsreaders with several options.

Vienna RSS Reader Mac

Features of Vienna RSS Reader for Mac:

  • Options to subscribe to Atom/RSS news feeds and podcasts
  • Simple and very easy to use interface
  • A built-in browser would open the updates as web pages when you prompt it
  • Folders – Organize feeds based on the categories, in different folders for easy browsing
  • Adjust the styles to view the articles by customizing them
  • Layouts – There are three separate reading layouts for the users to choose from
  • Integrated features for blogging directly from the Vienna reader
  • Filtering the articles based on the keywords
  • The subscription list can be reordered manually, although they are arranged alphabetically or time-based
  • Full AppleScript support
  • Localized into several languages
  • Download files from the feeds, like the video files in the article can be downloaded to watch

Vienna RSS Filtering  Vienna File Download

What is good about this RSS reader is that you don’t need to sync it with any of the other feed services, and a simple use of knowledge can help this native Mac reader sync with the same on the other Macs. Many of the users already rate this as a good alternative to the other Mac apps like NetNewsWire and the NewsFire reader. Other good things about the reader is that you get to download even the source code so the changes can be made accordingly, and one can even change the way they want to see the spacing between the lines, the size of the text in the article etc.

One can export all the subscriptions or the selected ones, and these can be saved to a folder to just transfer them to any other Mac OS based computer in which the Vienna app would even recognize and sort out the folders and subscriptions as they were before being extracted. The latest Vienna 3 beta has got the Google Reader Synch,Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, emailing – now built right in.

Download Vienna RSS Reader for Mac – Link

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