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Part 6 – What’s your say on Bid directories?

I was actually amazed these days seeing people asking more about bid directories, their use and profit from them. I myself own a bid directory, and it is majorly to experiment things about it and really not just for making profit.
So here’s my take on a bid directory –

The present feeling about a normal webmaster towards a paid web directory has gone bad mostly due to a bid directory. Bid directory has become one of the easiest way for a webmaster to make money, as some small promotion and low bid fees would attract good number of link seekers to buy links in it.

I have not really seen any good bidding directory with quality content and good websites listed in it(in fact my own bid directory is one of the examples!). Bid directories are seriously good money makers in the start but later they fail big time. You are not bound to make long term income with a bid directory, as you would surely get penalized by Google for openly charging for link bidding, and thats the time where your directory period ends.

So my suggestion is that better go with a general paid or free directory, on which you can really work and make good value to it and make money, rather than going for the bid directories!

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