Wikipedia widget in your Macbook Dashboard

Mac OSX UniversalMac users might be knowing of dashboard, where shortcuts of many applications and other widgets can be used directly. And this dashboard can be directly opened by pressing F12 on your keyboard.
By default, there are a few widgets given such as world time, climate, google search and calculator.

Wikipedia in Macbook

For web users, who often run to wikipedia for searching for content and information about almost anything, they don’t need to go to the web browser and access the website and search. This wikipedia widget helps you to search for the information through the dashboard itself, and the complete wikipedia web page loads in the dashboard. Saves time, and also looks beautiful.

It has a few beautiful features which makes it more lovely –

  • Available in many languages, in which the original wikipedia site delivers in a web browser.
  • Page gets cached, and the back and forward button makes it easy to browse through the cached articles. No need to always search for an article again if you have done it before.
  • Compatible with browsers like Safari, Firefox etc.
  • Article does not have just text, but is with images and clickable links.
  • The links in the article, if clicked, can be opened in the browser of our choice.
  • Random article browsing, by clicking the ? sign in the left side of search box.

Download the widget – This wikipedia widget can be downloaded from here. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later for the installation. It is one of the top 50 available dashboard widgets for Apple macbook.

Wikipedia widget macbook dashboard


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