Windows 8 or – Entirely different!

Windows 7 promised and delivered as it promised. Its good, and better than the biggest fail version of Vista! And now, although Microsoft deleted a post that their employee had posted about Windows 8, there is enough spark about the next version of the operating system.

Windows 8, or as they called it as, is going to be completely different than before.
That was from someone in the update team, and so we can expect something more innovative and different. Mac OS has always been beautiful, but Windows 8 has come tough against them. Windows 8 should be mind-blowing as people claim.
Things are still not finalized but still after the major success of Windows 7, Microsoft Windows team would be looking to hear what people actually need to make it far better. There have been rumors that Windows 8 might be coming just for 64-bit devices and not lower. Nothing is confirmed, so the talk is halted as of now.

Here is a small excerpt from the blog post –

The minimum that folks can take for granted is that the next version will be something completly different from what folks usually expect of Windows – I am simply impressed with the process that Steven has setup to listen to our customers needs and wants and get a team together than can make it happen. To actually bring together dozens and dozens of teams across Microsoft to come up with a vision for is a process that is surreal! The themes that have been floated truly reflect what people have been looking for years and it will change the way people think about PCs and the way they use them. It is the future of PCs…

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