ZapStore – Online Gadget Shoppe with a Unique Concept – Review

We have been checking on the various shopping portals online, and everything seems to have been boring us and the customers with the similar concepts of displaying the listings, minimal discounts and the regular shopping carts. But Zapstore, one of the most recent entries in the e-commerce market, has come in with a unique and different concept. It isn’t any bidding system, it isn’t any discount galore that you are going to see, but it is a way using which you could get discounts by the concept of Zapping. In the review, we would explain how the system works, and how one would be benefited in getting some great price cuts for any product.

zapstore concept

Zapstore features electronic products like the mobile phones, tablet devices, digital cameras and the SLR cameras, apart from the music players. The design of the website is pretty neat, easy to understand with nothing hidden around for the user to keep exploring. Here is the concept, explained in a video –

Zaps are nothing but a different kind of coupons, which you need to purchase and packs, and these Zaps can be used to cut the price of the gadget you are thinking to purchase. And the zap used cuts the price for not just you, but for the other buyers around you who have the same gadget in mind. That is a 2-sided advantage, because if the other buyers are using the zaps, they could help you in cutting the price of the gadget and everyone gets the discounts. Buying a product from the Zapstore, as the company says, is of few steps –

  • Have Zaps in your account. If you don’t have the Zaps, you need to purchase the Zap packs, which are available here. Zapstore have provided a coupon code “zapwww30” for the next 1 week for those who want to avail 30% discount when purchasing the Zap packs. The number of Zaps that can be purchased, ranges from 2 to 500 Zaps at a time. The more zaps you purchase, the lesser the price would be.
  • Select the product, and go to its product details page, from where you could Zap the price.
  • Zap it – This is the fun and serious part. Zap the price, and you would see a decrease in the count of Zaps, reduced by one, and the price of the product goes lesser. This is a chain process, so if someone else too Zaps for the same product, you would see the Zapped price combined with yours, to see better discounts.
  • Purchase – Once the product is zapped, you would see the reduced price and from there, and you get 10 seconds for selecting and purchasing the product. If you feel the price is quite higher than what you wanted, just leave the counter to finish and you can zap it again. Whenever you click on Buy it, you need to confirm the shipping and payment, and Zapstore would ship the product for free.

zapstore product details page

The concept of zapping runs along with the refunding, where the zap points are refunded if someone buys a product for a particular zapped price, and the other guy sees a lower price than the purchased price. Suppose X and Y zapped a product and X sees the price as 20000, Y sees it as 19000, and if X hits Buy It before Y does, the price sticks to 20000 and Y gets the zap points refunded to their account. Because it is not just 1-2 people zapping at once, and according to Zapstore, one can’t take the advantage after someone is paying a little higher and already purchasing it. Also, the zapped price would apply to any one buyer and not everyone, so you need to be quick at decision making here.

Here is a video on how you could zap a product and confirm the order. One of the things one would not like is the 60-second time limit to confirm the shipping, where people could be slow in entering all the details and miss out with the stuff.

Note: If you see this icon with a count down timer for 60seconds, it denotes that a Zapper is in the process of buying the product. If he / she doesn’t checkout within 60 seconds, the product would be available for ZAPPING.

Final verdict:

Zapstore brings something new into the online market, and thanks that it isn’t something like a bidding system which most of the times fakes the bids by others and shows that to you, so that you obviously have to bid higher and purchase the product if you didn’t want to lose the money that you used to bid in their systems. Zapping is fun, when you purchase some big zap packs and that makes zapping cheaper. You need to zap multiple times and see a good reduction in the price. I was happy with the initial free zaps through which I could get a straight 20% discount on the original price, on a Panasonic earphone. Talking about the design, had this been a simple light colored one, it would have clicked a lot for a normal shopping site, but with some concepts and beautiful graphics, designs on it, Zapstore looks excellent with the dark background.

Talking about the earphones, makes it easier to say that you get even accessories to purchase on Zapstore, and that’s the best area to see big price reductions because the original price is quite less, when you compare the same with the mobile phones, cameras and tablet devices. The payment options too are quite many, with the Visa/Mastercard payment, Net Banking, Paypal (I’m not sure this would work for Indian customers as Indian accounts cannot send to other Indian accounts), and Cash on Delivery, which many would opt for, to avoid the online payment hassles. From what the shipping page says, the shipping cost would be INR 50, which isn’t much if that applies to Cash on Delivery too.

The completed Zaps section is an area where you can see how people took the advantage of multiple zapping and got the best zap prices, way lesser than the MRP of the product. One of the devices there was the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V which has the MRP of INR 17000, but the final Zap price someone got it was for INR 1895.

completed zaps

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